Soulfirmations ~ A Gift of heART!

❤️ Soulfirmation ❤️

Give a unique, personal work of heART
 to someone you love this holiday season! 

What is a Soulfirmation? ❤️ A Personal Power Poster To Activate Positive Potential! 
* a personalized heArt poster that combines photos and affirmations, uniquely created to reflect the essence of the person’s Soul ~ a mirror of your magnificence and magic!
* a uniquely personal empowerment tool to place in your meditation or creative space to energize and inspire your highest visions

Examples of Soulfirmations

How do I make a Soulfirmation for myself, a friend or family member?

Email your content to:
* Send 6 – 10 high quality jpeg photos that you want to be featured in your Soulfirmation
* Send the affirmations you wish to have in the soul collage, or if you wish I will tune in and create the affirmations

 * Choose your colour palette ~ pastel or primary colours and main colour theme


CREATE Your personalized work of heART!

Order one for yourself and a friend and save!

One *8 X 10* Soulfirmation  $55

** Special Holiday Offer ~ 2 *8 X 10* Soulfirmations for $99 **


  • Your order includes the personalized creation of poster heARTwork with your images and affirmations

  • You will receive your Soulfirmation as digital artwork in both pdf format for printing, and jpeg for social media sharing

  • You can print your Soulfirmation on card stock as a poster or frame it in a funky and fun way! Print the pdf of your Soulfirmation at a copy centre like Staples or the UPS store for just a few dollars

  • Have fun with your Soulfirmations! Screen and print on a t-shirt, nightshirt or calendar

Yes! I want to order my Soulfirmations NOW!

ONE 8 X 10 Soulfirmation $55 BUY NOW

Special! Two 8 X 10 Soulfirmations $99 BUY NOW

Do you have questions? Do you want to pay by e-transfer or cheque? 

Email for more information and for other payment options (if you don’t do PayPal) including larger orders.

Thank you!!


1. Prairie Sky // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  1. 1. Prairie Sky // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  2. 2. Unadorned // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  3. 3. Enough Already // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  4. 4. Let Go // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  5. 5. The Buddha Smiles // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  6. 6. The Sound Of The Dove // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  7. 7. Shine // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  8. 8. Scarborough Fair // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  9. 9. Emerging // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  10. 10. I’ll Meet You There // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  11. 11. Pearly Gates // NEW! The Sound of the Dove