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19 April 2014

The Sound of the Dove

The Sound of the Dove

Waste not a single tear, not a moment more of your radiant heart on the
trickery of the mind
You are a being of bones and breath, of fever and flight, straddling the space
between sinew and spirit
And here you are…still standing…dancing in the hollow jaws of your dream
Even more magnificently alive because of this dance of discord,
this cavern of doubt…

The sound of the dove can break your heart wide open
Do not fear, as some do, the open door in the cage
Brick by brick, you have built this prison and offered up your innocence
to the wolves who smell the slumbering sweetness in your blood
But you have been awake all along
Eyes wide open, heart pounding in rhythm with the hunger you find
all around you
Is this your hunger? Or the hunger in all bellies?
Slow, prowling, wide open on the razor of pride, we stir the pot of separation
and suppose it is all because we are to blame…ancient and new…
We simmer our shame…

The dove has taken flight into the dark embrace of the night
Follow the floating tendrils of her mournful, moving song
The key to your flight has been within the folds of your breast all along
Fluttering, listing, leaping with every motion and offering of love,
Every tear shed for the suffering of another…
Every breath of forgiveness that removed even one brick
from the prison of your smoldering story of injustice
Do not waste even one brick on another petty grievance
Your heart has grown too large for this cage

The light will not give you away…it is the way

The wolf song within you is rising up
Casting out your fear of the hunger
Gathering the fierce and fertile song of your soul
A ballad of luminous beauty, womanly wisdom, and pure grace
Summoning you into this sliver of now…
Into this universe of light
The moondog of your soul free and bright
Be cradled in the mother womb that sings of heaven
The shimmering stillness awaits your presence…

Lay down your weary bones and burdened breath
This being human has put you to the test
Sleep now…love will do the rest

Copyright 2008 Pamela Jane Gerrand

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