Wild Echo Poetry Book

Wild Echo Poetry Book


Inspired by the works of Persian poets Rumi and Hafiz, and contemporary poets Mary Oliver and Maya Angelou, Gerrand’s poems are a soft place to land in a harsh world. Tender and triumphant, evocative and incandescent, her tone poems offer both reckoning and reflection. This work is a deepening into the love that takes us over the threshold of our frailty and fear, to the wild horizons that shimmer with infinite possibility and raucous beauty.



pamela jane gerrand author wild echo poemsPamela Jane Gerrand is an acclaimed poet, singer/songwriter, and spoken word artist. Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, she comes from a long line of poets and lawyers: seeking beauty and justice is in her blood. Pamela Gerrand has a B.A. Honours in English and Drama from the University of Saskatchewan. Gerrand has performed on stages across Canada and the U.S., and at festivals in the U.K., Sweden, France, Costa Rica and India. She has performed her original works at keynote talks given by don Miguel Ruiz, Deepak Chopra, Stephen Lewis, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Byron Katie and Bruce Lipton. Her poems have been published in several magazines, and she has written two memoirs that were published in Our Mothers Keeper and Our Fathers. She has won awards both locally and internationally, and has performed her poetry at international events held in support of social justice, peace and environmental advocacy. She lives in Stratford, Ontario with her designer husband, Stephen Degenstein.


Praise for Wild Echo

Wild Echo takes you on a journey to the depths of the heart, where the infinite whispers…I LOVE YOU. Pamela Jane Gerrand is a poet cantadora breathing soul into the world through the gifts of her voice and her poetry.”

~ don Miguel Ruiz, Author of The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love


“We are all familiar with the expression ‘on the wings of poetry’. In Pamela Jane Gerrand’s case this is especially true – not only do her words lift us upwards but each poem carries us to an aerial perspective where we see what is real and valued from the sky of spacious mind. It is here in the higher currents of spirit that our heart opens to the truth she so skillfully allows us to see for ourselves.”

~ James O’Dea, Author of Cultivating Peace and Soul Awakening Practice

1. Prairie Sky // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  1. 1. Prairie Sky // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  2. 2. Unadorned // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  3. 3. Enough Already // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  4. 4. Let Go // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  5. 5. The Buddha Smiles // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  6. 6. The Sound Of The Dove // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  7. 7. Shine // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  8. 8. Scarborough Fair // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  9. 9. Emerging // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  10. 10. I’ll Meet You There // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  11. 11. Pearly Gates // NEW! The Sound of the Dove