Live performances and special events!
Date : 21 / Nov / 2014
Time : Friday, Nov. 21, 6 p.m. to Sunday, Nov. 23, 2 p.m.
Address : 3390 Concession Road 8, Clarington, Ontario
Tel : 905-233-2033

Autumn Soul Fire ~ Self Care With Sound Retreat

AYUS Retreat Centre


November 21-23, 2014
AYUS Durham Region Awareness Centre
3390-3392 Con. Rd. 8, Leskard (Orono), Ontario, Canada www.ayus.ca

A Sacred Sound Healing Retreat with
Darren Austin Hall & Pamela Jane Gerrand

“Feel to reveal what is arising to be healed”

Music and sound offer a gateway to our true nature… open and wise, creative and compassionate…fearless and loving.

Join sacred sound musicians Darren Austin Hall and Pamela Jane Gerrand for an immersive, experiential weekend of music and sound to nurture and nourish the Self.

The ‘Self Care with Sound’ Retreat will be a combination of deep listening, toning/chanting and playful exploration, using sound, music and the voice as tools of self healing. Darren and Pamela share a vision of reclaiming music as a communal, creative experience for personal and planetary healing.

Together they will weave sonic landscapes with crystal singing bowls, shruti, hand drums, lyre-harp, monochord, guitar, piano and voice, as an invitation to merge shadow and light, pain and joy, and experience deeply the presence of unconditional love.

This journey will be an invitation to relax the mind and open the heart, using Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound, as the gateway to deeper freedom, wisdom and bliss.

Learn mantras, breathwork and meditation tools to reduce stress, restore vitality, improve concentration and expand creativity.

Experience a sacred, non-judgemental space to witness the wisdom within the wounds you carry, using sound as a vibrational bridge to your undefended heart.

No previous musical experience is required. Please bring a yoga mat, journal, and a drum or shaker if you have one. We will have drums/shakers to share.

Retreat Cost: $360 (meals included)

Friday, November 21 at 6pm –
Sunday, November 23 at 2pm

If you would like to arrive early on Friday to avoid traffic or to get settled, please feel free to arrive anytime after 2pm.

2 Self-Serve Breakfasts
2 Lunches
2 Dinners

Food is local, organic and natural when possible. Please advise of any dietary restrictions or preferences, e.g. gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, meat-free, etc.

Accommodations Available (scroll down for info)


Pamela Jane Gerrand is a singer/songwriter/speaker/poet with a passion for the healing arts. Pamela spent four seasons in the Acting Company at the Stratford Festival, and has taken her love of the communicative art of theatre to new levels of expression with her original music and workshops.

Pamela has performed her original music on stages around the world; from the Hummingbird Centre in Toronto to festivals in Sweden, across the U.S., U.K and Costa Rica.

Pamela has had the honour of performing her original music at keynote talks given by Stephen Lewis, Margaret Trudeau, Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, don Miguel Ruiz, and Barbara Marx Hubbard. Pam travels widely, performing and delivering workshops and keynote talks at forums and festivals devoted to personal and planetary healing. A recent Guthrie Award recipient, Pamela’s latest CD of original music entitled ‘The Sound of the Dove’ was released in May 2014.



Darren Austin Hall is a pioneering mystical musician,
sound healer and yoga teacher. His music is crafted from the infinite creative moment in spontaneous transmissions, devoted to fostering connection to divine power. His performances entail diverse, salving instrumentation (from crystal singing bowls to lyre harp and guitar) combined with his powerful free-singing.

His new album, “The Tantra of Truth”, is his soundtrack to the evolution of consciousness in our contemporary times. Darren is a gifted speaker and facilitator and he teaches a wide array of workshops on new paradigms of healing and well-being. Darren also authors a widely read blog called “The Druid” and is a renowned poet.

Darren Austin Hall facilitates the use of sound, music and the voice as tools of self-healing. He guides group chants through the use of vocal toning to balance the chakras, mantra work and free-chants for different healing contexts. He also does one-on-one healings using tuning forks applied to chakra sites and acupuncture points. Facilitating free music performance with groups, or soul-jams, Darren welcomes participants into the simple playing of music for virtuous intent, reclaiming music as a communal, creative experience.

Darren also conducts an offering called “Restoring Radiance” whereupon he administers simple acupuncture to participants and then performs his crystal singing bowls with shamanic healing as the acupuncture allows for a deep healing experience with wondrous sonic integration.

Instruments: guitar, lyre-harp, tanpura, monochord, hand-drums…


2-Night Accommodation Rates

Option A:
Dorm Stay with Air Mattress

Option B:
Single Bed – Shared Room

Option C:
Twin Bed – Shared Room (with Queen Bed – Option D) $120.00

Option D:
Queen Bed – Shared Room (with Twin Bed – Option C) $160.00

Option E:
Queen Bed – Private Room

Add $10 if you are sharing a bed with another person in a private room.

Spaces are Limited!

1. Prairie Sky // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  1. 1. Prairie Sky // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  2. 2. Unadorned // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  3. 3. Enough Already // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  4. 4. Let Go // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  5. 5. The Buddha Smiles // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  6. 6. The Sound Of The Dove // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  7. 7. Shine // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  8. 8. Scarborough Fair // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  9. 9. Emerging // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  10. 10. I’ll Meet You There // NEW! The Sound of the Dove
  11. 11. Pearly Gates // NEW! The Sound of the Dove